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Things change. My career, for example. I’ve worked as an equity derivatives trader, a synthetic biologist, and most recently as a digital media professional. I caught the writing bug in my late 30s, while I worked on a PhD in Biophysics. I began this blog to document learning how to cook for my then 2-year-old daughter. But there’s this thing about serial beginners like me: we’re always finding new obsessions.

After writing thirty some-odd posts about cooking, I began experimenting with my own photography. (The food photos were all taken by my wife.) I quickly became fascinated with portrait and street photography, and stopped writing altogether for about a year. When I decided to pick things up again, I chose to focus on what I enjoy the most about blogging: the words. I still mostly think and talk about food, but I’m just not that guy who develops recipes every week and stages photo shoots in his kitchen. I do like telling stories, ranting, and maybe throwing in a joke or two.

So here we are. I present to you the culmination of my years of experience as an independent publisher: A food blog with no pictures. Just what every agent/PR/advertiser dreams of.

I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I did writing them.

Ben Rhau
San Francisco, CA
January 2013

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press & awards

Honorable Mention, 2012 Mobile Photography Awards.
SAVEUR, 50 More Food Blogs You Should Be Reading.
Finalist, IACP Bert Greene Awards For Food Journalism.


11 replies on “About”

Yes, I do get asked that quite often. Maybe I should have a FAQ? She has been offered chili several times, and has eaten it once (it was her grandmother’s, not mine). I can’t wait until I make a version that she likes, so that I can write a self-titled post!

For anyone else curious, the phrase comes from the movie, “Mr. Mom.” It’s a line from Doris, the TV repair tech.

Thanks so much, Bobbi. I get just as excited every time a new person reads the blog. Yours is new to me, as well, and I’m happy to know about it!

Hey there Ben!
Was really nice to meet you at IACP. You seemed completely at ease socializing, unlike what your post says! I look forward to reading more of your blog! My kids say the same thing about watermelon btw; they want it year-round!

Pleasure was mine. It’s funny what things stand out when I read them a year later. I definitely felt that way at the time, still do sometimes. But honestly, being a blogger, being social online, going to conferences–it’s a relatively safe environment to put yourself out there, and I do think that I’ve become significantly more outgoing as a result.

I have not delved too far into your blog, but I love it already because of the name. I fed my son guacamole before he was a year old, and he liked it. He and I shared hummus as a snack recently. He regularly eats chili – at least the beans from it, and I also love cooking ‘with’ him even though he just turned two.
I can’t wait to read the rest of your entries.

Hey there! Awesome blog. I, too, am a grad student, parent, and an avid baker and wanna be chef (as a result of paper procrastination, i.e., baking a cake is so much more important than writing that 30 pager that’s due next week!). I often dream of starting a blog to chronicle the things I’ve made. After checking out your blog I’m super inspired to make it happen. Thanks! Keep up the great work 🙂

I fed all my 3 babies, now 3 young adults, chili and they all love chili and pretty much anything else bean related to this day. By child number 3 I ceased to be amazed at the things they do and do not like, and how, especially with a teenaged girl, this can change rather drastically from day to day.

Hi Ben, I just recently started reading your blog and I love it! I can relate to many of your dad-ism’s being a stay at home dad myself and cooking for the family. I will also be at Campblogaway and look forward to saying hi…

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